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Part 1 (also see Part 2)

Early in May 2002 John, Mick, Phill, Reg and Tim set off for the long journey to Cahersiveen, County Kerry in Ireland. We drove to Holyhead, crossed on the high speed ferry to Dublin and then drove right across Ireland to the south-west coast.

We stayed at San Antoine bed and breakfast, where the proprietor Alan Landers and his family made us feel very welcome.

Our first day was a fantastic experience after the generally slow action in the North Sea. On our first drop, everyone caught at least one pollack and there were several multiple catches.

Reg with three on one trace.

Tim with two pollack.

We were actually after mackerel, but these were all but absent; only three or four were caught during the week. By the end of the day, each of us had caught more than 30 fish, mainly pollack and coalfish (coley). Other species included ling (a 12 lb fish caught by John), cuckoo wrasse, whiting, red gurnard, cod, mackerel, haddock, tub gurnard and ballen wrasse.

John with a ling.

A beautiful cuckoo wrasse.

The next three days involved EFSA (European Federation of Sea Anglers) Competitions. Mick as a member of the Irish team had to fish all three days. The rest of us took part in the two-day open competition. John took the highest honours gaining 20th place in the individual class. Mick, as a member of a five-man team, took the bronze medal over the three days.

Only Mick and Tim fished on Monday, with some local anglers and other visitors. We travelled about 15 miles out into the Atlantic, beyond the Skelligs. Fishing was steady rather than furious but great fun nonetheless.

On our last fishing day all except Phill took to the water again. This was another bumper day, with most of us catching 30+ fish. We went out into the Atlantic again, to Seven Mile Bank. A wide range of species was caught and we returned tired and well satisfied with what was, for John, Reg and Tim, a first taste of sea angling in Ireland.

Mick with a lively ling.

Tim with his first ever haddock.

On all the non-competition days we fished from the charter boat M.V. Anchorsiveen, skippered by the very experienced Hugh Maguire. Hugh and his mate Frank worked hard to make our days successful and were always on hand to support those fishing.

Hugh can be contacted by E-mail [email protected].

Reg, Hugh (Skipper), Mick and John.

M.V. Anchorsiveen waiting in beautiful surroundings.

Our final tally of species was 15 - coalfish, pollack, ballen wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, cod, ling, conger, mackerel, whiting, haddock, tub gurnard, red gurnard, bull huss, lesser-spotted dogfish and pouting.

In conclusion, we had a great week of fishing. We also enjoyed the friendliness of everyone, the music in the pubs as well as the odd* pint of Guinness. A trip of this length and distance will never be cheap but it was worth it. The best recommendation we can offer is that we are all planning to start saving so that we can return - probably in September 2003. To see the proposals for 2003, please click here.

* We also enjoyed the even pints of Guinness too!

Five ready to leave San Antoine B & B for home.
Mick, John, Reg, Tim and Phill
and Poppy.

On the first and fifth nights of our stay we were presented with clear skies and the beautiful spectacle of five planets in a line across the north-western sky. Futher information and a photograph of this event can be seen at Tim's website - www.northern-images.co.uk - follow this link, then into the site and on to the Astronomy section.

Five planets across the north-western sky.
Follow the link above to see them clearly.

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