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Competition Day - 13 July 2003

Blue sky from horizon to horizon greeted us as we arrived at Hartlepool Marina for our Competition Day trip. There was almost no wind although the forecast suggested it would be quite breezy later.

Few mackerel had been caught, from boats or the shore, during the preceeding week. Most of the anglers were keen to get some, since there are few better baits than fresh mackerel. Although two were caught within minutes of starting a 'macky-bash', the reports proved accurate and only three were caught during the whole day.

Despite trying a range of baits and large hooks, whiting proved to be the mainstay of most catches. Cod were scarce although ling were quite plentiful but most were only about 4lb in weight.

We had roasting sunshine throughout the day but the wind, as forecast, had risen significantly by lunch time and we had a rather rough afternoon. Keeping ones feet became something of a challenge and most decided to remain seated rather than risk a fall.

For the first time in several years a cod took the honours for the heaviest fish.

The top prize of the day went to Reg for a 6lb 8oz cod and John boated the second heaviest fish; a 5lb 10z ling.

Peter had the heaviest total catch of 18lb 8oz and Reg got the second heaviest total of 11lb 12oz (excluding his winning cod above).

Further congratulations to John Battye

John Battye becoming World Champion

Not content with being a World Record holder (see below), at the 2003 WPF World Bench Press Championships, John completed the winning lift at a new WPF World Record of 275kg. This makes him the WPF World Bench Press Champion in the 125kg weight class.

At the BPO British Championships, 27 April 2003, John made his biggest bench press to date. This is a new WPF World Record of 272.5kg (600lbs) at a body weight of 117.4kg

John Battye setting a new World Record

At the South Yorkshire Championships, on 28 September 2002 in Doncaster, he successfully lifted 265.5kg, This is a new British and Commonwealth Record. John was lifting at a body weight of 114.4kg.

John has his own website for British and international powerlifting at Big British Benching.

Competition Day - 14 July 2002

A fine week leading up to this trip, meant that we had little doubt that we would be fishing our competition day as planned. A chill wind cooled our enthusiasm a little as we waited at Hartlepool Marina.

Gordon Cubbins
Gordon Cubbins in Hartlepool Marina.

As soon as we left the marina, on the Gordon Cubbins, the wind dropped and the Sun changed our coolness to warm, and then to very hot. Almost as soon as we cleared the Heugh breakwater, the skipper stopped to allow us to go after mackerel - vital bait for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, few were caught and those who had bought frozen mackerel were fortunate.

Competition 2002
The Sun shone as we begin our competition.

Whiting were, as often happens in the Summer months, plentiful. So plentiful that they continually took bait and hooks intended for much larger fish. Even using 6/0 and 7/0 hooks didn't seem to deter them.

John's hopes really rose when he began to haul up what, even for him, was a heavy load. He anticipated his heaviest fish ever. As his catch broke the surface there was disappointment and elation. On one baited hook was a really good ling, which turned out to be the heaviest fish of the day, but on his pirk treble was a large lump of Teesmouth!

John with a ling
John with the heaviest ling of the day and very heavy rock.

The wind rose as the day went on and, coupled with a strong tide, caused us to drift rapidly during the afternoon. We found it increasingly difficult to hold the bottom.

Our total for the day was 7 cod, 6 ling, more than 130 whiting and a few mackerel.

In the competition John had the Heaviest Fish (ling - 7lb 2oz) and the Second Heaviest Fish (ling 6lb 7oz).

Two heaviest fish
John shows the best of his catch; the two heaviest fish of the day.

Gordon had the Heaviest Catch (16lb 7oz) and Reg had the Second Heaviest Catch (16lb 5oz).

Competition Day - 15 July 2001

This trip produced a pleasing, but not exceptional catch. Sizeable fish included 11 cod, 2 ling, numerous whiting and mackerel, and 1 pouting.

The heaviest fish was caught by Mick Heron - a 5lb 8oz ling. The second heaviest fish was also caught by Mick Heron - a 5lb 1oz ling.

(These two fish cannot be included in the heaviest/second heaviest total catch.) The heaviest total catch was by Reg Lewis - 14lb 5oz. The second heaviest total catch was by Phil Daniel - 10lb 3oz.

EFSA European Boat Championships 2001

Congratulations to Mick Herron. In the 2001 EFSA Boat Championships, held in Ireland, Mick competed in the 'Executive Teams of Four' against competitors from sixteen nations.

Mick on the quay
Click here (or the picture) to see a larger version of this photograph of Mick on the quay.

Mick fished for Ireland in this international competition. He returned home with a Bronze Medal!

This picture shows Mick with wife Avril at the presentation ceremony.

Mick and Avril
Click here (or the picture) to see a larger version of this photograph of Mick at the presentation ceremony.

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